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Rose’s Passionfruit Flavoured Cordial 750 ml


Rose’s Passion Fruit Flavoured Cordial 750 ml

6% Fruit juice blend Passion Fruit flavoured cordial drink that is made by Rose’s.

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Enjoy a  Passionquila made with Rose’s Passion Fruit Flavoured Cordial 

2 Shots Rose’s Passion Fruit Flavoured Cordial

2 Shots Tequila

1 Shot Lemon Juice

2 Shots Mango Juice

Granadilla Pulp

Add all the ingredients into a tumbler with ice and stir.
Garnish with half a granadilla shell with pulp.
As a party alternative, empty the granadilla shell and fill with tequila to use as a shot glass.
Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to ingredients for spice.
For a mocktail alternative, replace tequila with 2 more shots of Mango juice.

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