Taste the goodness of SOUTH AFRICAN products

Sending Goodies

You can have numerous relations with the people in New Zealand…be it friendly relations or business relations. Every relationship counts and you need to keep it alive.
You might not be able to be a part of their lives living miles n miles away from them. And now, you don’t need to worry because we at @food CULTURE can bring you closer to your loved ones.
You can express your emotions to the people who may not be close to you physically but are very close to your heart.
Visit our website www.atfoodculture.co.nz and order whatever is suitable to your occasion from our wide variety of daily essentials to gift chocolates or even familiar groceries from back home taking them down memory lane and bringing a sweet smile to the faces of your loved ones living miles away from you.
Everyone loves getting surprises and no surprise can be bigger than being able to send something from overseas for your loved ones to make them happy. You have such an amazing opportunity so why let go of it when you can do so much with so little effort?
LET US TAKE CARE OF YOUR LOVED ONE’S…we will have it sorted
@food CULTURE !


How Does it Work
You can either:
email @food CULTURE‘s Digital Gift Card which can be used to redeem on line by the recipient.
if you prefer to select order and pay to just have it couriered to any address within New Zealand.
This can be one of Weekly/ Fortnightly /Monthly.
How Can I pay
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Debit or Credit Card, Apple and Google Pay as well as @food Culture’s Digital Gift Card.
The courier will be shipped out to your nominated physical address (please note delivery cannot be made to postal address – P O Box address)