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Ouma Rusks Condensed Milk 500g


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Ouma Condensed milk flavored Rusks 450g ( Kondensmilk Gegeurde Beskuit bolletjies )

“South Africa’s Most loved Rusk -Dip ‘n Ouma “
Condensed milk flavour rusks are sweet and smooth in taste, like eating desert without all the guilt, baked in the original oversized chunky shape and just as crunchy as you would expect a good South African rusk to be.
There is nothing like dunking a rusk or three into a hot cup of coffee or tea any time of the day or week for a special South African treat. Ouma rusks have been a product of South Africa since 1939 and continue to be a much loved product of South African’s across the globe. Share a box of rusks with your friends and they will be thanking you!
What kind of dipper are you?
Rusks originate from the voor-trekker pioneer days as a method of preserving and enhancing bread. Boer beskuit! They are often likened to a biscotti as they are a ‘twice baked’ bread.
A rusk at dusk is simply a must and if its sliced it has no crust.

Halal Certified


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