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Gracious Bakers Instant Beetroor Fusilli


4 Flavours (Plain/ Beetroot & Rosemary / Zesty Zucchini/ Spicy pumpkin)

• – Banting (Low Carb)

• – Gluten Free (suitable for IBS / Celiac’s & Gluten Intolerant)

• – Sugar Free (suitable for Diabetics)

• – Suitable for Vegans

• – Suitable for people on Paleo & Keto diet

These crackers are different to your other traditional seed crackers on the market. They are predominantly made from raw vegetables and sprouted seeds. The seeds are sprouted to boost their nutritional value and then the crackers are dehydrated to retain all the nutrients. They can be enjoyed with dips or just as a snack.

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Gracious Bakers Beetroot and Rosemary Crackers 80g


The Banting Beetroot and Rosemary Crackers are a carb-clever treat for when you need something wholesome to eat. The crackers  are:

crammed with vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fats.

Find love at first bite with the all natural ingredients and their gob smacking flavours.

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