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Scalli’s Worcester Sauce Braai Spice 500ml


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Scalli’s Worcester Sauce- Braai Spice 500ml

Braai literally means barbecue in the Afrikaans language. However, South Africans enjoy not only grilled beef but mutton, goat, chicken and other meat. The only way to master a Braai is the right spice n seasoning – Secondly, and most importantly, is the blazing fire going.
In conclusion, Perfect Braai.. is all about right ingredients along with practice is key to mastering a skill.
Scallis Worcester Sauce Braai Mix
Scalli’s is a delicious blends for rubs and marinades.
Ingredients: garlic powder, coriander, paprika, cumin, nutmeg, cloves, sea salt, black pepper
The Scalli’s Sprinkle Range is a premium spice range that consists of 12 different spices.
Some of Scalli’s famous spices are Lemon Pepper, Wild West BBQ, Rosemary and Olive, BBQ, Steak and Chops, BBQ Chicken, Aromat and many more.





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