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Lamb Durban Curry 500ml


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When life’s too busy to cook.!

Delicious ready-made meals ..is the answer … we have just that for you.

Just pop into your microwave or oven and you are sorted.

There is a perception that it’s the only those that live in Durban can make the perfect Lamb Curry. Our Durban Curry will make you nostalgic.
Durban curries are said to be much hotter than other curries.This Curry can also be used in a “bunny chow” or with rice.
If you don’t know what “bunny chow” is, let me explain. It is a hollowed-out half or quarter loaf of bread filled with a curry of your choice and I think the Lamb Bunny Chow is one of the most popular bunny.
Just Heat n Eat!
Available for In Store Pick up or CLICK n COLLECT only

(Does not include Rice or Loaf)

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