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Vegetarian Biryani/ Beryani 650 ml


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When life’s too busy to cook.!

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Its know as the food for the Royalty.
From Persia to India to South Africa … Biryani has been satiating hunger for centuries. But, do you know its journey from Persia to your plate? With rice, meat (or vegetables), and spices, is a complete meal in itself. Be it a formal gathering or an informal meet among friends, a handi /pot of biryani suffices. Each spoonful of this traditional dish is suffused with aromatic spices and rich flavors.

Characteristics of a Good Biryani

While practice makes a biryani perfect, the importance of the key ingredients cannot be ruled out by true biryani lovers.
*  Fresh vegetables/finest meat cuts and poultry as well as fresh seafood, adding to the flavor of a biryani.
*  The finest long-grained rice for a good north Indian biryani and short-grained rice for a South Indian biryani.
*  A well-balanced marinade comprising curd, herbs, and spices is integral to a good biryani.
*  Delicate, aromatic spices, typical of the region, giving each type of biryani its distinctive taste.
It might surprise most people that versions of biryani are not limited to the Indian subcontinent. Various countries around the world have created their own version of the dish, with some popular ones being Malaysian, Filipino, Mauritian, and African.
And we have just that for you. Biryani / Beryani comes with meat and or poultry on bone.
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