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Best Duty Cast Iron Potjie Pot # 2


Best Duty Pot (3-Leg) #2 – Size 6.0L

  • Traditional quality, heavy duty and very robust 3-legged pot for the best potjie experience.
  • Oil cured & ready to use
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  • Serves:10

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This item: Best Duty Cast Iron Potjie Pot # 2

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Our Cast Iron 3-legged pots are oil-cured and ready for use. They are heavy-duty, very robust and can be used in open fire or over warm coals. Our traditional and ever so popular 3-legged pots comes complete with a carrying handle and lid. Oil cured pots are NOT dishwasher safe and will rust if not cleaned, dried and stored properly. See our How To Care page for more detail.

Best Duty Cast Iron Potjie Pot # 2

The 3 legs and round belly shape allows even heat distribution around the pot.Maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning.Domed lid allows for optimal internal heat circulation.The tall legs make it ideal for cooking directly over fire/coals or gas burner.
6.34 Quarts


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