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Alette’s Rusks


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Flavours available are

Alette’s All Bran Rusks
Alette’s Boerebiskuit Aniseed Rusks
Alette’s Boerebiskuit Buttermilk Rusks
Alette’s Boerebiskuit Traditional Rusks
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Choc Chip
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Fruit Mix
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Pecan
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Rusks Plain
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Rusks Sunflower Seed
Alette’s Bran Buttermilk Sesame Seed
Alette’s Just Aniseed Rusks
Alette’s Just Buttermilk Rusks

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Alette's All Bran Rusks, Alette's Boerebiskuit Aniseed Rusks, Alette's Boerebiskuit Buttermilk Rusks, Alette's Boerebiskuit Traditional Rusks, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Choc Chip, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Fruit Mix, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Pecan, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Rusks Plain, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Rusks Sunflower Seed, Alette's Bran Buttermilk Sesame Seed, Alette's Just Aniseed Rusks, Alette's Just Buttermilk Rusks


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