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(Serves 6)


Ingredients :
1 Butterflied leg of lamb

5 cloves garlic

Medley of  thyme, oregano and rosemary 

½ cup olive oil

1 lemon

½ tot ground black pepper


meat thermometer




1. Make sure the meat is more or less the same thickness by laying it out on a chopping board and gently flattening the thicker parts with a meat mallet or any other suitable object (like a cheap bottle of wine).

2. Prepare the marinade: Finely chop the garlic and herbs. Mix this with the olive oil, juice from the lemon and black pepper.

3. Marinate the meat in a covered bowl or plastic bag, in the fridge, for 24–48 hours. I find that it also works well to pour the marinade over the meat and then to roll the meat up and wrap it tightly in cling wrap. In a rush a shorter marinating time is fine, but an overnight session gives the flavours time to develop.

4. Braai over medium-to-hot coals for roughly 30 minutes, with a bigger piece possibly taking 40 minutes. Paint the meat with any leftover marinade and also grind salt over the meat during this time. The idea is to completely seal the outsides and have the inside medium rare to medium. Remove from fire when the thickest part has an internal temperature of 63°C on your meat thermometer.

5. Let the meat rest for 10 minutes before carving it. During this time the juices will settle and the meat will also continue to cook to a point still slightly below medium.


Chef’s tip :

  • A relatively long braai time allows the meat to develop a great taste. When braaing a leg of lamb over direct heat it should be deboned – and the easiest way to debone a leg of lamb is to ask your butcher to do it.
  • Some people like to make small cuts in the meat and push the garlic and herbs into them. I believe there’s enough contact between the marinade and the surface of the meat for the garlic flavour to go into the lamb. If you want a stronger garlic flavour, use more garlic in the marinade.
  • By braaing over hot coals and being careful not to burn the meat, it’s quite possible to braai a butterflied leg of lamb in 30 minutes. If you’re worried the meat will burn, lower the heat and make it 40 or 50 minutes. Or, get clever and use a meat thermometer, then you can braai on medium-to-hot coals until the middle of the thickest part of the meat reaches 63°C and be sure it’s perfect.


Courtsey : Jan Scannell